“This is about empowering young people to realize their full potential,

and helping them to value the ‘gems’ inside them: the qualities and gifts that make them special.”

“Some of these youth have had very troubled lives, they come from environments where they are constantly being made to feel that they are no good, that they are bad people, and that there is no value to their lives.

“We try to create a different environment, one which empowers them instead of disempowering them. We encourage the youth to see themselves in this way: each one of them is rich with qualities and talents which make them unique and special.”


When we think about the education of our little children will need to equip them for life in the 21st century, we must think about spiritual and moral education, life-skills, and how they will learn to survive in a rapidly changing world. Above all, about how they can learn to be a world citizen, where they will have a sense of belonging to a diverse community that is working to build a united and just global society.

We feel “youngsters have two big assets: health and time, the great combination. If you have good health & time and you use it well. Then you will be the king or the queen and if you loose them, you will be the beggar for the rest of your life. So, build it for the first 20-22 yrs. of your life, you are the king all your life.”

”Children are the most precious treasure a community can possess, for in them are the promise and guarantee of the future. They bear the seeds of the character of future society which is largely shaped by what the adults constituting the community do or fail to do with respect to children.  They are a trust no community can neglect with impunity.  An all-embracing love of children, the manner of treating them, the quality of the attention shown them, the spirit of adult behaviour toward them - these are all among the vital aspects of the requisite attitude. An atmosphere needs to be maintained in which children feel that they belong to the community and share in its purpose.”


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