The negative aspect of avoiding birth of girl child has been so much promoted that it has emerged as a big social evil. Rather than highlighting the darker side of aborting girl child, we must try to aware and guide the people of this mentality.
              As an individual, the most important and effective thing we are doing is to influence the attitudes of those around us. Talking & motivating our friends, relatives and immediate family & discussing girls’ capabilities. We help empowering young girls around about their self-worth, especially the under-privileged ones.

              Spreading awareness in Women through seminars & workshops to let them know that they need to make an effort to reach out to each other through groups, share experiences and give support.
We conduct counseling sessions for Parents as they should also have an open mindset towards enrolling their children in co-education schools to ensure healthy exposure. Sex education should be imparted at an appropriate age by the parents or guardians themselves.
             One of the earliest forms of support in the educated circles of our society, .i.e. sponsoring the education of a girl child, is still one of the most effective forms of contribution.

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