Woman is an embodiment of love, grace, and compassion; so understanding, balanced, sharp, witty, beautiful, and artistic. We can go on and on and still the essence of woman hood will be difficult to define. She creates, she nurtures, she supports, she loves, and she is a power house! Yet she is denied the very basic right to education, just because she is a woman. Empowered woman is strong enough to stand as a support for her family and community at large. She further contributes to the prospects of next generation.

Our mission is to educate the girl child to help them become self reliant and self dependent; to help them realize their potential, and develop sense of self-respect, dignity and self-confidence. Through Gyanpunj Educational Society,  we aim to extend our support to the larger sections of girls who are deprived of education because of lack of funds, so that one day they can support themselves and contribute in their best possible way to create a healthier balanced society. We work for empowering the girl child, by providing financial support to the daughters of widows/handicapped parents/war martyrs to complete their education up to 12th standard. This program is absolutely non-discriminatory in nature i.e. without any distinction on the basis of caste/color/creed.

WE Gift a Bright Future to a Girl Child through Self Employment

WE illuminate a life with education

Hey! Feminine, Empower Yourself!



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